What is Yomassage™?


Yomassage is a fusion of restorative yoga and hands-on massage therapy.


Restorative yoga aims to restore or heal the body by cultivating stillness, expanding meditation, and deepening muscle stretch without putting strain on the body.


Restorative poses can include light twists, seated forward folds, and gentle bends.


Each 60 to 90 minute Yomassage session includes five or six poses held for five to eight minutes while being supported by props (blankets, bolsters, and blocks).  


This allows for complete relaxation and rest while participants receive 60 – 90 seconds of hands on massage per pose.




Yomassage classes are a completely luxurious experience held in a warm, candlelit room, essential oils diffusing, and spa music playing.


Yoga mats and props are laid out and ready for participants upon arrival.


No yoga experience is required and as with any massage, it is important to keep your therapist informed about the pressure being used – this can always be adjusted.



Session Durations  – 60 minute to 90 minute

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