Touch Therapy for Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

Did you know that for children with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders, massage may be the answer to providing them with the relaxation and stress reduction?

Research has shown that children that receive regular sessions of massage therapy have better social behaviors and on-task readiness.

Some of the benefits seen are:
-They are better during play time
-Their behavior is less erratic
-They are more more attentive at school

Touch therapy also regulates gastrointestinal tract issues.

This safe, nurturing touch, along with regular sensory integration, is effective and beneficial in reducing:

-Touch aversion

My passion is to work closely with you and your health care providers so we can personalize massage therapy sessions that have true breakthroughs.

I will also help you gain the skills that you can incorporate into your daily routines.

Other benefits include:

-Increased bonding between parent and child
-Increased circulation
-Better muscle tone
-Increase Serotonin, the feel good hormone
-Increase Oxytocin, the love/cuddle hormone
-Increase Dopamine which is important for many functions including mood, sleep, movement, and motivation

How to prepare and what to expect:

I like to make sure we take the time to establish trust, communication, and rapport. Therefore, I may not perform massage with your child the first session.

It is important to ease into the relationship. For example, I may demonstrate massage on you, the parent, so your child can observe someone receiving massage.

This will also provide you with the opportunity to experience the techniques yourself.

All sessions are private and performed in the comfort of your home. They are 30 to 45 minutes in duration.

Pricing discussed upon booking.

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