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Massage Therapy 

Infant & Pediatric

Infants who experience regular massage often see reduced stress, nervous system improvements and improved self-regulation and body-awareness.

Infant Massage Group Classes
(1 Month to 1yr)



If you have 2 or more families interested in learning how to communicate and deepen the bond with your new baby, how to ease common ailments, improve sleep and aid in digestion- then this class is for you! 

We will gather around together with our babies and I will demonstrate different massage techniques. 

Infant Group Package: 3 one hour classes



One-on-One Infant Massage Lesson
(1 Month to 1yr)



The One-on-One Infant Massage Package is a great way to learn your baby's cues, connect and bond with your new baby while learning how to approach your child's specific needs. I will show you and your family massage techniques that will last a lifetime!

One-on-One Package: 3 one hour classes

Pediatric Massage Group Classes
(1yr to 2yr)


Group classes are open to 2 or more families who are interested in learning about pediatric massage. Learn how to provide comfort, relaxation, reduce stress hormones and relief from chronic conditions such as asthma, nausea, constipation and muscle aches during growth, while teaching them about permission and positive touch.

Pediatric Group Package: 3 one hour classes

One-on-One Pediatric Massage
(1yr and up)

One-on-One sessions are a great way to teach a child about permission and positive touch. Pediatric massage encourages self-awareness, self-confidence, and teaches how to dedicate time being calm and relaxed. Massage promotes general wellness, relieves growing pains, improves posture and it's fun! 

Special Health Care Needs
(1month and up)

Massage works around medical equipment with just a few simple precautions and techniques. If you would like to learn massage techniques or book hands on massage appointment for your child who may require specific maneuvering, I can do! Every child needs nurturing touch, no matter what.


I am available for in home appointments.  

A doctor's permission note is required.

Pediatric Massage
Autism and Special Needs


Given that children with Autism have been reported to be opposed to physical contact, it is interesting that many massage therapists and parents are finding great success in the use of massage therapy with children with Autism.This safe, nurturing touch and regular sensory integration is beneficial in reducing inattentiveness, touch aversion and withdrawal.

If you would like to learn massage techniques or book hands on massage appointments for your child who may require special precautions or specific maneuvering (CP/Autism/DS/Medical Equipment/etc), I'm here for you! I am available for in home appointments

A doctor's permission note may be required.

Storybook Massage

Learn a fun way to engage children by telling stories and poems and songs while providing nurturing soothing touch to their backs.